Why is it so hard to find a job?


Hi! I hope you are doing well. Today, I want to discuss a challenging topic for young graduates in Burkina Faso. We all know that many of us hold a university degree without actually being employed. We apply for positions and never receive a response. Alternatively, we secure an interview only to be eliminated at the final stage. We participate in numerous government-organized contests to secure a position in the public sector, but the results are often disheartening. It reaches a point where we question what to do, but find no answer to this painful question. On one hand, we start resenting the government or the HR departments of companies for not providing job opportunities. On the other hand, we persist in our efforts. We can choose to continue this struggle, or we can pause and consider an alternative path, creating our own way instead of seeking and waiting for external assistance.

With that said, undergraduate and graduate students alike would be better off finding other ways independently. Graduate students should create job opportunities for themselves and eventually for others, rather than waiting for the government to rescue them from drowning in this vast sea of unemployment. The same applies to undergraduate students. They should prepare themselves to enter the job market early by either finding a job or establishing their own businesses.

My name is MALBILA Sandaogo. I graduated from a well-known university in Africa and around the world, the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE). I hold a Master's degree in Electrical and Energy Engineering. I am still on the journey to find a position that aligns with my skills. As someone who enjoys exploring various fields, I possess programming skills (I have created and hosted my own website: http://blog.le-bdci.com). The programming languages I am proficient in include JavaScript, Python, VBA, HTML, CSS, and some frameworks like Django and React. Additionally, I have a basic understanding of C++ and have used it for microcontrollers like Arduino. I am a disciplined and focused individual who loves running, coding, and reading. Setting goals, achieving them, and following instructions from a superior until completion are tasks I am accustomed to. I am currently available for challenging and innovative projects in the fields of electricity, energy, and web development, whether for a position or collaboration.

An ideal career for me right now would combine electricity and/or energy with programming. This means a job that involves building software to solve complex problems or model/simulate behaviors in the fields of electricity, energy, or any other domain. Additionally, a job that utilizes programming for forecasting and data analysis. I seek a job that challenges my intellect every single day, enhances my skills, and promotes personal growth.


Call & WhatsApp: +226 56 51 97 33.

Email: malbilasandaogo@gmail.com.


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